The Best Rom-Com Wedding Dresses of All Time, From Elegant to Over the Top

There are more than enough reasons to indulge in a romantic comedy from time to time. They’re lighthearted, they make you laugh, the backdrops often inspire some sort of wanderlust, and the costumes are usually on the playful side. What’s not to love? Furthermore, if said rom-com happens to involve a movie wedding, then the bridal dresses are typically drool-worthy—or so over the top that they’re too fun to resist.

Ahead, see our roundup of our all-time favorite rom-com wedding dresses. From a minimal gown worn by Drew Barrymore to a high-volume Vivienne Westwood dress that’s a pure work of art, these 11 gowns are well worth revisiting.

Who can forget Toula’s poofy white gown from this 2002 classic?

While the plotline of this rom-com is centered around a series of stressful wedding planning scenarios that give us anxiety, the gowns are pretty enough to soothe our nerves at least through the end of the movie, like this one on Anne Hathaway.

Crazy Rich Asians set the bar high for weddings. A water-paved pathway, green velvet seats surrounded by forest greens, and of course the bride’s elegant, striking gown. 

This ’90s cult favorite will always pay homage to the big lacey gowns of the time. 

This festive film is a good one to pull out during the holiday season, especially thanks to the wedding scene with Keira Knightley’s cool feathered bridal frock. 

Amanda Seyfried’s wedding dress in this musical rom-com is a breezy, ruffled delight. 

Though there are a few wedding dresses to choose from in this Julia Roberts classic, our favorite is this lace-and-satin gown. 

Two words: Vivienne Westwood.

Paula Patton’s gorgeous strapless dress in Jumping the Broom is about as classic as it gets.

Many people drew similarities to Meghan Markle’s wedding dress and Jennifer Lopez’s in The Wedding Planner; a satin boatneck dress with clean, elegant lines.

Of all the films in this list, none are quite as flamboyant and fun as those in The Wedding Singer.

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