Whatever you are not changing you are choosing

“Whatever you are not changing you are choosing”

This is NOT my quote but DANG I love it! You see we go about our days complaining, not liking things, uncomfortable with things, not feeling our best and most COMPLAIN. We complain in silence over and over again in our heads

We complain out loud at work, to our families and to our friends.
We complain, blame and….

We do not change.

We keep the same habits day in and day out and we do not change.


This means you CHOOSE to stay the same.
Staying the same or blaming does not fix things. Changing your habits does.

NO, willpower does not work.
YES it can be hard to get and stay motivated.
YES it can be uncomfortable to change.

DO IT ANYWAYS. DO IT and make it a habit. One day at a time. DO IT, and the habits get created and you change.

We are the FULL sum of the habits we keep. Change your HABITS and change your life.

This works with finances.
This works In relationships
This works in health
This works with our appearance
This works with our bodies.
This works in careers
This works with our environment.

ACCEPT IT or create new habits and CHANGE it.




PS. Back to BASIX with me starts Jan 3!

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